poppy-fieldArmistice Day Thought:

To all those the world over who are grieving the last 6 month’s political events in the UK and the USA, remember our great grandparents, grandparents, and parents fought for freedom from segregation in race, religion, sex and class over the last 100 years. We will not let this be forgot and we will use their energy for change and reform to continue to move forward and stand up to those who think we are not all equal.

My cousin, my brother, my sister

of every colour, class, sex and religion

stand by my side

and dare them to knock us down

for when they try and when they do

we will stand strong hands holding hands

minds locked together with determination

to keep building our community of people who see people for the people that they are

and not faces coloured by their origins

or chained to their class assumptions

or told the strength of their gender

and guided to the right god

We need people who see people for the people that they are


We need people who see people for the people that they are.

© LE Purse





Constructing a People’s Ideology


I’ve been gone a while – but now I am returned.

Let’s start with one about identity;

hope you enjoy:



the boxes that

we fit in,

are put in,

are locked in

from the moment we choose to open our mouths

hang around our necks, burn into our hides, and nick at our wrists

they can remain intact,

bound up with bands made of elastic

or they can be ripped from corner to corner,

flattened out to be

a bed, a canvas, a bridge

they can be re-used, re-cycled, re-purposed

to be so much more

so much more than a box

that confines, constricts, contains

unless conformity is your game

then please, use the box for what it’s for

and slip in to be whatever the poll says.


© LE Purse

June 2016


Catching up with Haiku


Image from here.

Haiku aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I didn’t know they were mine until I read The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault. It’s a great little read, unusual as the title suggests, but wonderful. It inspired me to try writing Haiku. Now, they’re not great so don’t judge me too harshly but I hope you can appreciate their form.

I promised to catch you up with some of the poems I wrote in February as I wrote almost one a day as I found my writing groove again.

They’re from 3 consecutive diary entries so are about various topics but I’ll leave deciphering their muses up to you.

Haiku: February 19th
My enemy is
The paper thin printed kind
That’s passed round and round.

Haiku: February 20th
Watch your words dear one
For we’re not afraid to bite
Like ravenous sharks.

Haiku: February 21st
I breathe in deeply
Drawing in salty sea air
I breathe out my fears.

© LE Purse

Weekend’s Over


Weekend’s Over
Rubber necking
weekend’s events.
What happened and where?
into the next,
and the next,
and the next.

Sunday 13th March

© LE Purse



Photo from here.

It’s been a heck of a month personal development for me. I’ve been doing boxing training as much as I can, yoga everyday, cycling to work, reaching out to friends, writing in my diary, and writing poetry most days. I haven’t published anything for a while because one of my soul sister’s who’s currently living in Malaysian Borneo (!) said that I didn’t need to share everything I wrote every time. I had a think and realised she was right. So, I took to my diary to work through my thoughts and feelings and found I was writing poetry as a way of expressing myself each day.

And girl, do I have a variety of poems after this month. That 29th day in February gave me the chance to get down 3! Alright, they’re Haikus but they’re still poetry! Anyway, upon rereading them I do want to share some. So, over the coming days I will share some February poetry with you. I hope no one minds it being delayed or being from the recent past.

Anyway, here’s one from today that’s about being a left leaning voter in the UK but also the mockery of the English system and leaders at present. Hope it makes sense and you enjoy!:

DC vs. JC

Microscopically shrunk
to fit inside
your pocket
My views unheard, ignored, reserved
for your drunken dinner parties
– brought out for your guests’ amusement
To play the clown
whilst you play the magician,
a slight of hand
and a glittery bow tie
to distract the people
from not taking notice of my miming act.
Well done, Sir, for blindfolding, hypnotising, dizzyingly turning, with picture cards, the heads of my voters.
Only 4 more years to remove the make-up stains and help the people forget your

Thursday 3rd March 2016

© LE Purse

Tick tock


I’ve spent a lot of time talking and thinking about the future this weekend rather than enjoying the moment and being present.

Here’s to that:

Presently Living in the future,
5 feet in front of all the others,
– ‘better here, than all the way back there’ I cry, to no one in particular.
Past clock towers and shop fronts
whiz by on the breeze
whose speed picked up the minute I stepped out of my present box.

Sunday 7th February 2016

Image from here.

© LE Purse

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