Catching up with Haiku


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Haiku aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I didn’t know they were mine until I read The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Theriault. It’s a great little read, unusual as the title suggests, but wonderful. It inspired me to try writing Haiku. Now, they’re not great so don’t judge me too harshly but I hope you can appreciate their form.

I promised to catch you up with some of the poems I wrote in February as I wrote almost one a day as I found my writing groove again.

They’re from 3 consecutive diary entries so are about various topics but I’ll leave deciphering their muses up to you.

Haiku: February 19th
My enemy is
The paper thin printed kind
That’s passed round and round.

Haiku: February 20th
Watch your words dear one
For we’re not afraid to bite
Like ravenous sharks.

Haiku: February 21st
I breathe in deeply
Drawing in salty sea air
I breathe out my fears.

© LE Purse

Weekend’s Over


Weekend’s Over
Rubber necking
weekend’s events.
What happened and where?
into the next,
and the next,
and the next.

Sunday 13th March

© LE Purse



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It’s been a heck of a month personal development for me. I’ve been doing boxing training as much as I can, yoga everyday, cycling to work, reaching out to friends, writing in my diary, and writing poetry most days. I haven’t published anything for a while because one of my soul sister’s who’s currently living in Malaysian Borneo (!) said that I didn’t need to share everything I wrote every time. I had a think and realised she was right. So, I took to my diary to work through my thoughts and feelings and found I was writing poetry as a way of expressing myself each day.

And girl, do I have a variety of poems after this month. That 29th day in February gave me the chance to get down 3! Alright, they’re Haikus but they’re still poetry! Anyway, upon rereading them I do want to share some. So, over the coming days I will share some February poetry with you. I hope no one minds it being delayed or being from the recent past.

Anyway, here’s one from today that’s about being a left leaning voter in the UK but also the mockery of the English system and leaders at present. Hope it makes sense and you enjoy!:

DC vs. JC

Microscopically shrunk
to fit inside
your pocket
My views unheard, ignored, reserved
for your drunken dinner parties
– brought out for your guests’ amusement
To play the clown
whilst you play the magician,
a slight of hand
and a glittery bow tie
to distract the people
from not taking notice of my miming act.
Well done, Sir, for blindfolding, hypnotising, dizzyingly turning, with picture cards, the heads of my voters.
Only 4 more years to remove the make-up stains and help the people forget your

Thursday 3rd March 2016

© LE Purse

Tick tock


I’ve spent a lot of time talking and thinking about the future this weekend rather than enjoying the moment and being present.

Here’s to that:

Presently Living in the future,
5 feet in front of all the others,
– ‘better here, than all the way back there’ I cry, to no one in particular.
Past clock towers and shop fronts
whiz by on the breeze
whose speed picked up the minute I stepped out of my present box.

Sunday 7th February 2016

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© LE Purse

Not fighting the fight


Sometimes I feel as though I am turning in circles and not getting anywhere with things and people. This is all about that:

Round and round
they go
boxing gloves on
arms raised
but no intention of hitting out
of hurting each other

A dance on the tiptoes ensues:

Round and round
dizzy just thinking
of the ducking
and bobbing
the light feet
and the graceful arms

Round and  round

I go with them
until, at last, I am broken
and ready
to pirouette into the fading light.

2nd February 2016

© LE Purse

A wonderful Monday…


…is not a sentence I often use, but today was different.

Today was a corner turned, a fresh look, another step on working on my well-being. I started my day with Yoga with Adriene to day 9 of yoga camp which paved the way for an epic way to be bold in my day (achieved no less than 4 times today in day affecting ways). This was followed by a driving lesson manoeuvring around cars, corners, and clutches and then a day of being assertive with my workload and the people relating to it. To book end my day I attended a spiritual book group where we read and discuss books of a spiritual nature at Tree of Life. This is where my inspiration came from for today’s poem.

Hope you enjoy:

A cocktail of hope and faith

Here’s how the stars shine
in her eyes,
Here’s how the light rested
upon her shoulder,
Here’s how the numbers
sparked her intrigue,
Here’s how the energy
danced from palm to palm,
Here’s how the water
ran down her cheeks,
Here’s how her limbs
connected with her breath with her mind,
Here’s how
she’s able to open her eyes.

© LE Purse
1st February 2016

The False Poem


Sometimes, every few years, I write a poem that sounds like 100s of other poems I’ve read or written before. I don’t know if that makes me a bad poet or a truthful one. I know people in the literary world (I’m not sure exactly who they are) sometimes say authors take a huge chunk of inspiration and ideas from other authors and poets but I’ve never heard anyone say that about a modern day poet. Nonetheless the one I scribbled a few moments ago is just that. I was, I have to say inspired by the glimpse of the moon as I closed the blinds at work today.

Hope you enjoy:

A sliver, A slice
Just a sliver,
Just a slice
of a moon
out of the sky
As the Sun
slips away
saying Her final
Thou art so slim
and slight
already brightly
shining as
though it were night
The outline
of Your wonder
amazes me still
despite my age
and loss of innocence.
Shine, shine, shine
silver gleam
until the Sun rears Her head
in the new light of morn.

©LE Purse
12th January 2016

Image from this wonderful place with a very original lunar inspired poem.

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