I started this blog as a 20 something still adjusting back into English life after time spent living in South Korea attempting to teach English, travelling around South East Asia, and ending with managing to fall in love in and with India.

I’m about to be a 30 something and continue to share my life with the aforementioned heart stealer. We lived in Brighton, UK for a couple of years and are now dipping our toes in Oceania currently discovering what New Zealand has to offer. My life is always peppered with art and poetry along the way.

Poetry is my therapy and I love to play with the shape of words, especially when hand writing them. I am a true believer that poetry should be read aloud so that every sense can experience them.

One day I hope to be published, somewhere, somehow.

So, go on, read my poems out loud to yourself, they are much better when you feel the letters rolling off your tongue and then watch the words scattering about the room.

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