Heads or Tails?


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Just wanted to share this before sleep takes me into another week. Lest we forget all those who fought as well as fought for what they believed in.

Hope you enjoy:

Heads or Tails?

A chant
A speech
A march;
A fist
A foot
A gun;
An act of heroism
An act of terrorism;
An act of freedom
An act of oppression;
Striving for life
Striving for death;
Striving for peace
Striving for war;
Flip a coin

Heads or tails?

© LE Purse

9th November 2014

A belated bonfire night ditty

Wednesday saw us celebrating Bonfire Night in Lewes. As my boyfriend, Matt, grew up in Sussex it is a place he used to go frequently. It was my first time and boy was my cherry taken!

It is always a controversial affair with burning effigies of not only Guy Fawkes but lots of political figures too. This year saw Putin and Alex Salmond being burnt. The people of Lewes, and Sussex, whole heartedly celebrate the fact that Guy Fawkes was thwarted in his attempt to blow up parliament and King Charles back in the day. So there’s lots of “What should we do?!” “Burn Him” shouting as well as “No Popery”. It is, in all honesty, harmless fun (unless a banger goes off in your face) and quite simply the best bonfire night I’ve ever been to.

This tiny ditty was written in the anticipation of the evening as we sat drinking mulled wine and Harvey’s beer by the river. Hope you enjoy:

Only in Lewes
Boarding up and shutting down
Gearing up for the sparking up
Rabbit fur hats and woollen wraps
Wood’s been collected and costumes on;

Victoria and a Viking,
The Pope and Guy
All to be carried in the raining lights
Through dogs and cats
Kids and the London Sussex lot.

For the lighting, the burning, the smelling and the seeing
A spectacle to behold and a beholding to be spectacled.

©LE Purse

Wednesday 5th November


A Putin Effigy


Crucifixes ablaze



Kite floating in the lake at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

The last couple of days I have slept terribly and had exceptionally vivid dreams. I’m clearly anxious about lots of things and so to get this in check (and to let poor Matthew sleep a bit better) I need to dip back into my meditation. By this I mean I need to commit to it, properly this time. It was a great help in the past and I need to ensure my mental health stays as positive as possible.

I’ve meditated 3 times since yesterday. Two out of the three times I listened to Shiva chanting and both times it inspired me to write. Today I gave in to the earning to write and came up with these two little pieces. I learned that mediation is for you, and you alone, and it can only be what you make of it.

Hope you enjoy:

Planted like a tree
my roots begging to dig deeper
my leaves crying to catch sunlight and rain
my buds aching to bloom

to colour the world

Colour Catcher
Kaleidoscopic colours
beneath my blinds
awakening the artist

letting in the rainbow.

Whetting my lips
with spiced jewels
tasting the calm

it echoes throughout me.

© LE Purse

31st October 2014

Dream Land Antics


This rainy, windy and dark autumn evening I scribbled down some silliness. I was inspired by two things, firstly, my rather active night’s sleep last night (if you know me well enough, you know I dream loudly and expressively) and secondly by SFox’s blog. He wrote a wonderful poem the other day which I really enjoyed and realised I wanted to change it up and inject a little bit of fun into my poetry every now and then.

So here goes, fair world, read on and enjoy:

The unfortunate effects of a dancing sleeper

Up and down
and round and round the rabbit hole we must go,
come Shrews and Voles,
Cats and Moles,
for there’s a party to behold.

Where party clocks and holy socks will dance
all night long
to jazz, to house, and to trance
until the bell rings, ding dong.

Cups of tea and stale fruit scones
shall be slurped and scoffed right down
until the time does come
to a eat a candied dental floss crown.

Nor witch nor mammal can see the difference in,
the wild cream tarts with legs or the fire’s whose flames ne’er win.

This party may seem like a huge joke
but believe me when I say
these are my nightly dreamscape folk
with whom I drink and pray.

I flail,
I fling,
I dance around a golden ring –

- only to find when morning cometh
that my boyfriend’s noggin resembles K2’s summit.

© LE Purse

15th October 2014

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In recent months I’ve been struggling again with my anxiety. Which has resulted in me becoming defensive, expecting my loved ones to be psychic to my every needs and ultimately, selfish. I’m not talking about the kind of selfish where you take time for yourself, but the kind that when you think back on it it makes you cringe a little.

After having a surprising chat with my big brother, I knew I had to make some changes. In my daily life I’m running, trying out yoga, reading and writing more, and cooking. I’m doing the things that make me happy and keep me balanced. It’s helping me to be able to reach out to friends and support my loved ones. I feel ready for it. Strengthened, almost.

Anyway, this is what this teeny poem is about. Hope you enjoy:

My Web
my web’s widening again;
being stretched from birch to palm
raindrops collecting on each carefully crafted strand
this time with reinforced steel strength.

© LE Purse

13th October 2014

Spirit Dancers

Yesterday I wandered slowly back with heavy bags of shopping across a field, past a woody copse and through the back of a grave yard. The sun was slowly slipping away and my music playing. As I walked towards the copse I thought I saw shadows dancing amongst the willows. I have no idea whether it was my overactive imagination or whether some spirits were showing themselves, but it made me glow from the inside out at the thought of dancing with not a care in the world, allowing your body to become one with everything around you. It may sound terribly “hippy”, but there is nothing like losing your inhibitions and dancing so freely. Anyway, this is where this little ditty sprang from:

Spirit Dancers
In the fading sunlight they danced
Their bodies moving like Salome’s silken scarves,
willowy limbs
luxuriating in the wind
In amongst the thorns and autumn leaves
heads thrown back
they flowed with the breeze
Shadows of music unheard
flames of hair unseen
as the embers of their souls
danced in the fading sun.

© LE Purse

9th/10th October 2014

Turkish Riots

This guy was inspired by the news of the riots and curfews in Turkey over the last couple of days, and the people it affects in an everyday way. Hope it makes some sense and that you enjoy it:


Goodnight blessings come a little earlier tonight;
A pat on the head,
a kiss on the cheek
as bedtime prayers
reach My God’s ears.

There’s a trill in the air,
carried on every particle of the breeze,
murmurs of water and tears flood the kitchen below.

The particles stay close,
embalming the night in a new haze
as a warm hand brushes hair back off his forehead
and holds its breath.

© LE Purse

8th October 2014




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