Like Magic


As mentioned in my last post I’ve spent a lot of time working with young people, 16 and 17 year olds, over the summer. It has been one heck of a ride! I’ve learned so much about myself and about the young people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. There have been some really trying times laced with some amazing ones.

This summer I have been reminded that at 16, for most, you truly believe that you can change the world and haven’t yet, again for most, been tainted by all the bad stuff in the world. I have also reminded that whilst your teenager years can be transformative they are also terribly awkward and I am more than happy to have them behind me! It has also lead me directly to my new job and I couldn’t be more excited.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough now. Here is another short inspired by a group I worked with over the summer. Hope you enjoy:

Like Magic
Groups of you torn
from the womb to be
held up in a world
where sights and sounds
become more blurred, more muffled;
A push, a pull,
a head roll,
an eye roll,
a smile of sarcasm,
a crease of pride;
A run for freedom
to be brought back
to the surface by a relatable hand
and a tight grip.

© LE Purse

9th September 2014

My Joni


It has been a serious while since penning anything and sharing it. I’ve had quite a rollercoaster of a few weeks. Summer days trilling on with pepperings of friends and many hours of work with young people in the community.

There are a couple poems I want to share but this one, I feel, should come first.

It is about a dear friend whom I won’t name but I hope she knows who she is. I hope you enjoy this short verse:

My Joni

Ah my long blonde Joni!
rest your weary eyes from the gilded computer and mouse,
Take up your brush and
stroke the easel with the emotion tightly wound,
Stand back; let your tears be soaked up by the colours your soul screams,
Take flight and land in the bosom of your brood to breathe in your own air awhile.

©LE Purse

28th September 2014

Split Second Insights

I’m very aware that this is my second post today but I really wanted to share this before I went to sleep.

I’ve had a really long evening traveling back on the train from a lovely weekend away in York and Lancaster. I’m sure some of you do the same as me whilst on a long trip via public transport, and that’s to inadvertently catch snippets of people’s conversations and thus get a tiny peek into their lives.

Anyway, this was a little insight I came across tonight on the last leg of my journey. Hope you enjoy (or can at least relate):

Taking Sides
the line between love & hate is so thin.
a deep stare that burns through the clothes on your boy’s back
a hateful push
a vicious word
a forceful kick
a head hung low
and tears falling
hit you where it hurts.
how thin this line of love & hate between a son and his father.

© LE Purse
24th August 2014

The Park

This is something I penned in York this weekend whilst people watching and drinking coffee. It first came to me the other day when Matt and I went to the park near his house. There’s a tyre swing I’ve wanted to try in ages and like the big kids we are we had a play on the park. He said to me that he realised how old he was when playing on the park, to which I replied: “This is the time to forget how old you are”.

Hope you enjoy:

The Park
The ka-thunk of the tyre propelling me backwards,
the clinking crashing of your keys abandoned on the grass,
the whir of the wire as you pull it back followed by the thump of 25 year old trainers climbing the wooden slope.

Your thoughts in motion as you come up with ideas to make this as fun as years ago.

The silent tremble of the springs under foot,
and the gentle squeak of friction as the climbing rope supports your long limbs.

And finally to that sky-propelling-eek-eek-eek-sounding-rubber-seated-beaut sitting in pride of place.

Your hand on my back and cries of joy ring out followed swiftly by the scraping of shoes on grass, to bring us back down to earth.

©LE Purse

22nd August 2014

House Arrest

So my boyfriend’s (Matt) cat, Poppy, has had to have a trip to the vets this week. She’s fine but she’s not so pleased with the cone on her head and the fact that she’s not allowed out for the time being. This is a little comic number from her point of view. Hope you enjoy the silliness:

House Arrest

Only beds to lie upon and floors to scratch,
I thank thee not for putting me under house arrest.

You tickle my tummy and bribe me with treats
– how fickle you are if you think I’d fall for this.

This plastic you’ve placed around my neck to stop me from getting to that itch,
the door you’ve locked from stopping me have a good stretch.

Those birds I cry to
as my paws smear the glass to reach for their full fat breasts.

Instead I have this duck down duvet and cold wet meat – I could have the grass and soil, a branch or a fence.

But no,
you insist on my house arrest.

© LE Purse

19th August 2014


Loves of my Life

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’ve had a a few weeks off to go to festivals and visit home.

This week has been a whirlwind of friends from Korea. It’s hard after you’ve lived in a place with such a tight knit community and a genuine looking out for one another atmosphere to replicate that. Of course, you never will.

This isn’t just my opinion, all the friends I have spoken to that lived in or close to Gyeongju say the same thing: the friendships built in South Korea turn into bonds you never find elsewhere. This doesn’t mean to say we are putting down the incredible friendships we have from school, university, through work and even from Brownies they’re equally as beautiful, just in a different way. I’m not pretending to be a philosopher of sorts but I do feel exceptionally blessed to have friends from every part of my life supporting and loving me even if it has been a year or two since seeing them.

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling and proffer this piece of poetry. It is very sentimental and full of rhymes (not my usual bag) but it’s what came out when I put pen to paper. I know it’s cheesy but hopefully it will make you think of the friends you hold dear:

To see your face again

clasping finger tips of loves and lives lived

fiercely staring back at one another as photos are clicked.

Ah, my friends,
who love me unconditionally -
how I’ve longed for your faces to be soaked up by mine eyes

how I’ve longed for our bricks to be stacked and cemented so closely again.

And here you sit;
with hugs and smiles
tears and woes
knitted closer and tighter still.

To know what it is to be so close again allows a melancholy to tumble and turn in.

Wandering under your wings of love whilst those neon lights shine from above, I know that every step we take, together and apart, you’re the ones who helped free the poetry in my heart.

© LE Purse

16th & 17th August 2014




Head Cold Haikus


It has been a very long time since I attempted to write a Haiku, but here are three that came to me in that wakeful time before sleep and dreams care to descend whilst struggling to shake off my summer cold.

Go easy on their rough nature:


The sunshine spirals

roly polys and chammo

tea to drink, for me.



A watercoloured

harbour and rainbow shaped clouds

settle on my crown. 



Thump thump thump thump thump

Glug water, swallow the pills

Soothe iced tiger on. 


© LE Purse

21st July 2014

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