Here’s my uterus

Sometimes things can only be expressed through poetry – I think this pretty much sums up my feelings about the anti-abortion bills in the southern United States.

It might come across as being very ‘angry feminist’, but I am an angry feminist right now.

Here’s my uterus

Here’s my uterus,

she screamed from the top of her lungs

Have it, take it please,

for the moment you take my uterus I’ll take your testes

Let’s trade for while,

I’ll twirl and spin see an’ how they fit

You take my uterus,

but just remember a couple bits:

she fights back, my uterus,

things don’t always go to plan

for she has a mind of her own my uterus

on her I’ll bet a few grand

So, when you take my uterus prisoner,

an escape is already conceived

for generation after generation were not raised to please.

So, here, take my uterus,

Take it, please!

For I’d like any excuse to cut off your rotting testes.


© LE Purse

18th May 2019

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