Preserving with Lemons

Today, I was inspired by a Guardian’s Audio Long Read article I listened to from December 2016 called ‘Remembrance of tastes past: Syria’s Disappearing food culture’; you can find the original article here. It’s an inspiring yet sobering reminder of what the people of this world have to endure, and what helps them to get through next thing after next thing. Have a listen, or read, and gain some insight into a world of Kibbeh, the importance of preserving food heritage, and refugees in Beirut.


Preserving with Lemons

Preserving the community pickles

is passed down,

cup by cup,

by just a few women, 

forced into Lebanon;

whose roots have been

pulled up and ripped out

by the hands of others;

so no more chilli’s drying in the midday sun

and no more lemons growing into sour pickling pots. 


© LE Purse

6th September 2017


Image borrowed from here.

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