Day 20

Today’s prompt is to write about meeting the stranger next to you on a flight somewhere. Those of us who travel often know that getting chatting to the person next to you can be a delight, especially if you’re travelling alone on long distance flights. This prompt got me thinking about how much and what we reveal to strangers, sometimes our hearts spill but others are cards are held tightly to our chest.

Below is my interpretation of this, hope you enjoy:


A handful of life

My closed hand reaches out towards you,

my fingers wrapped around the brightly coloured parcels,

your words unfurl my grasp like the sun rising on the wing

they reveal the glittering foils and their slowly melting inhabitants

You choose one that is sweet, full of caramel – a good conversation starter –

I pick next, biting unknowingly into a crunchy square – a topic to avoid, I learn –

The sickly orange tang lingers in your mouth – over compensation for prior faux pas –

just long enough to be swiftly replaced by a double jinx of chewy, jaw wrenching toffees – an out of choice silenced duo –

the foil ensconced hermits soften, warmed in the palm of my hand making the almond taste stale and the coconut sticky

ending with a shared indistinguishable square of milked sugar – relate-able and comforting goodbyes.

 ©LE Purse

14th August 2017
Photo borrowed from here.


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