Day 18

I struggled with the Barefoot Writer‘s 18th challenge: to write about a photo or picture hanging around your writing desk and what it means to you. Thing is, whilst we have a desk in our bedroom I don’t tend to write there – maybe I should – but I’m not one to conform, bit awkward like that (she says whilst blogging). There is one thing above the desk, and it’s a rather handsome Ganesha.


Hope you enjoy:



Pristine, unlike your brother’s,

you sit upon our wall

placed as a look out for us of travels gone by

Carefully wrapped in unworn clothes, we carried you

from where our loved bloomed

to another land anew

with less saffron, and more grey

but we carried you

to remind us of bananas, the bright coloured papers, the cupboarded shrine delicately placed,

and of the images of you lining wall after wall

thousands of years portrayed in a cool breeze.


©LE Purse

10th August 2017


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