Day 17

Day 17 of The Barefoot Writer’s daily prompt challenge may come across as a little trite but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. We had to write about a prize you’ve always wanted to win – an Ocsar, a Nobel prize, the FA cup – that sort of thing. For me, it’s a prize of personal achievement not worldwide acclaim – simply to be a published on paper. A prize I hope to achieve one day.
Anyway, hope you enjoy Day 17:
To have

just a few words


on freshly pressed paper


to the world by someone else

any words

clustered together

or                       scattered                  apart


of freshly pressed paper

for eyes to read

and mouths to utter

My grateful pen

would scrawl lines

of thankful hashtags





by word of 👄
© LE Purse

8th August 2017


Image is borrowed from here

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