Day 13

I’m a little behind with posting because of a certain 30th birthday happening on Tuesday – I know, I know I’m going to have to change my page name!

Anyway, Day 13’s prompt was “Toy Story” – not the awesome film those of us old enough to have watched it the first time round, but toys from your childhood. My offering is fun and lighthearted and so I hope you enjoy! It might be worth letting you know that the two muses for this poem are two much loved soft toys Tabby (a cat formally known as Tabatha Twitchet of Beatrix Potter fame) who belonged to me, and Walter (a little black faced sheep) who was my sister’s treasured toy, who often went on adventures together in our Dad’s bedtime stories.

So, here goes nothing:

Tabby and Walter’s Adventure

Tabby turned to Walter and stroked his cloudy head, greying and old,

“Oh wonderful friend, let’s go on an adventure, like the ones Daddy told.

Let’s cross the seas, dance under stars, and run through a meadow!”

To which Walter said: “That’s sounds great, old pal, but first task is getting out the window”

Tabby tied her pinny tighter and looked him square in the eyes,

“Don’t worry, dear Walter, I’ve got tree trunks for thighs”

On Tabby’s suggestion, Walter jumped on her shoulders,

After a brief wobble to the left, and the right, both tumbled down crashing like boulders.

Tabby’s determination wasn’t lost just yet,

though Walter would have preferred to have stayed there and read the Gazette,

She pushed up her sleeves and chivied Walter to give it another go,

so up he hopped with a inch more finesse and they seemed to grow

Closer, and closer, the edge of the window became,

Until Tabby shouted out and began to exclaim:

“Walter, dear, grab hold of the sill

for if you don’t soon our stuffing we may spill!”

So, Walter reached out, with all of his might

and grasped on to the ledge with his mouth, really quite tight.

As the pair dangled above the girls’ attic bedroom floor,

the other toys looked up, and shouted to Tabby “Use your core!”

Tabby, with one last big push, swung herself round, forward, and up,

she reached down and pulled Walter by the tail, “Ouch! Be careful, I’m not young ya know love!”

There they sat and gazed out across the rooftops and Barrow,

breathing in the sea air they could see everything far and narrow,

As the sun was setting, Tabby smiled down at her old friend Walter,

“The girls are long gone, but one thing’s for sure, my love for this place, and them, never falter”.


© LE Purse

3rd August 2017


Image borrowed from this wonderful website

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