The False Poem


Sometimes, every few years, I write a poem that sounds like 100s of other poems I’ve read or written before. I don’t know if that makes me a bad poet or a truthful one. I know people in the literary world (I’m not sure exactly who they are) sometimes say authors take a huge chunk of inspiration and ideas from other authors and poets but I’ve never heard anyone say that about a modern day poet. Nonetheless the one I scribbled a few moments ago is just that. I was, I have to say inspired by the glimpse of the moon as I closed the blinds at work today.

Hope you enjoy:

A sliver, A slice
Just a sliver,
Just a slice
of a moon
out of the sky
As the Sun
slips away
saying Her final
Thou art so slim
and slight
already brightly
shining as
though it were night
The outline
of Your wonder
amazes me still
despite my age
and loss of innocence.
Shine, shine, shine
silver gleam
until the Sun rears Her head
in the new light of morn.

©LE Purse
12th January 2016

Image from this wonderful place with a very original lunar inspired poem.


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