Desert Deities


This week I am going to try my best to get back on track with my writing so here goes nothing.

This week’s inspiration over at Poetry Jam is deserts. I met Matt in a desert and that time we had has obviously changed my life. But more of what strikes a chord with me is the symbolic nature a desert has. I hope that’s been conveyed through this poem. This is also dedicated to those friends whom I know are dictating their own futures right now and staring reality in the face:

Tears fall through the grains
as life appears to be running away without you.
Bright and colourful
you stand atop the dune and
cast those eyes
across the lands which you preside.
A caravan of banging drums and dancing skirts pass,
just out of reach.
The wind brings with it the flavours your tongue longs to taste and the understanding yearned for.
Blurring with the heat the blue of your dress blows,
billowing and boldly flirting with the passing breeze.
Bare toes dig into the sand
of your castle
as you wait for the right gust of wind to take you into the sky to soar.

© LE Purse
April 28th 2014


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