International Women’s Day


This weekend was one of the biggest advocacy weekends across the globe: International Women’s Day. It was a day to celebrate, advocate, and shout about women the world over. 

I wandered down to London’s Southbank and just enjoyed the sunshine on my face and an open book. I thought about all the things I’d learned recently about modern feminism and how they’d affected my views on the world: the objectification of women and their bodies; the differences between the sexes from early ages; what just one more year of primary education could mean to a girl in a developing country.

Now, I am an incredibly fortunate young woman because I have not only been given all of the support I could ever want to achieve my dreams but I have always had a strong female role model in my mother. This weekend made me realise, in honestly the least patronising way possible, that other girls deserve that.

I was born into the right family, in the right country. Some women, ones I’ve met, aren’t quite as lucky. It made me realise that I cannot sit around and let this pass me by any more. I have no idea if, one day, the poetry I write will ever be published but I do know that I could help to give others a choice in their lives; after all, choices (in my opinion) are what make us fortunate.

So, this is in honor of all of the girls who aren’t given the choice to put down their pen and stop learning:

It’s the littlest of things

A book yearning to filled,

blank pages crying out

to feel the nib roll

left to right

right to left.

A mind yearning to be filled

blank spaces crying out

to drink in knowledge

and radiate pride.

A girl yearning for the life she wants,

not the life expected of her.

Give her the knowledge and the nib,

for she will write.

© LE Purse

March 9th 2014


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