Sunshine Weeds


When I first saw this weeks topic on Poetry Jam I didn’t feel entirely inspired. I didn’t see the beauty in writing about a common garden weed until the morning sunshine fell through the glass in our hallway whilst I was cleaning today.

This little sucker, shines so bright, has roots that dig themselves in, and provides hours of fun when their yellow turns white (please excuse the unintentional rhyming there).

Anyway, something completely different, and I hope you enjoy a little reminiscing:

Sunshine Weeds

The sun is finally rising

Its yellow spokes reaching out to touch everything, everywhere.

Silky soft fingers caress the morning blue

with a gentleness reserved for bairns and their ma’s.

The light shone dapples over my toes,

wriggling to test the truth.

In a few short days one breath will spread the sunshine,

one child telling the time,

one teen lovesick for her crush,

one adult reminiscing over hours spent


in a garden full of sunshine weeds.

LE Purse  ©

February 16th 2014


  1. smiles….spring will break and new life will spill out…
    i like how you show that through the people
    the child, the teen, the adult

    sunshine weeds…ha….cool name for them


  2. ” yellow spokes reaching out to touch everything, everywhere” – I like this image of the morning sun. Hope these spokes are coming soon to melt away the snow!
    I agree with your process notes – this prompt took me a bit to think about before the inspiration hit.


  3. This is such a ‘true’ poem … we do react to dandelions differently as we age … time passes and we look at these weeds with a bit more ambivalence, but oh, the sweet memories of childish bouquets and ‘liking butter’, and ‘he loves,he loves me not’ …


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