Birthday Wishes

Today is the birthday of a very special person in my life. She is one of the most beautiful, kind, considerate, comic, intellectual, poetic, spiritually open, and wise people I’ve ever met. She was a gift to me the day I met her and I can pretty much vouch for all that know her, that they feel exactly the same. I carry her in my heart, for she is my s(e)oul sister, and words are heard without being voiced.

So, my darling Cookie, this is for you; happy birthday! May you continue to grow and bloom with each year that passes:

Each evening

with a sweep of night’s air your wings land you there


on the branch just out of reach.

My eyes fall upon your feathered head and haunting eyes;

no judgement is passed nor a look of contempt settled upon my head.

Like schoolgirls we embrace through the frozen pane of glass

the silver of the moon and scent of the honeysuckle bless our union.

LE Purse  ©

January 23rd 2014



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Poet (n) a person possessing special powers of imagination or expression. View all posts by lauriespoetry

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