Documentary Inspiration


I love a good documentary. It could be about Siberian tigers, Margaret Thatcher, Scientology, or how buffalo mozzarella is made. There’s something that fascinates me about people and their lives, it’s the sociologist in me. It’s not often, however, that one inspires me to write.

But tonight I watched one on bi curious women and the fight that some women have with themselves in order to accept how they feel. It also showed the freedom that understanding your sexuality can bring.

Here are my musings:

Fluid Roads

Obtuse confusion
ripples away from my nakedness as I stand temporarily rooted to the grey lake floor.

Damp hair sits on my shoulders wavy from the mud,
as life swims around my toes and caresses my ankles.

Hands upturned, I stare out over the ecru expanse to where she makes her debut.

Her rays roll over my water cool breast as his arms slowly envelop me, waist first.

LE Purse  ©

June 20th 2013


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